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The Diving Trip.

Sarah watched as Nick pulled on his fins from the side of the boat, pressed his mask to his face with his left hand, then fell easily back into the green Balinese waters off Ceningan Island. He smiled as he dropped in, though she could tell it was forced. Why wouldn’t it be? She thought…

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Bag of Money.

Corey and Hemi walked through an empty park with the backs of their jackets pulled up over their heads to ward off the rain. Water trickled down a green plastic slide and formed a puddle at its base. The night was dark, coal-black with nothing to hear but the rain that fell in a steady…

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The Cable.

The rain had stopped sometime last night, then the sun had burned bright all day. The ground was still wet underfoot, the grass above it, dry. Tom had finished work early, the lawn had been bugging him. The grass had gone from rising upward, to bending as it lengthened. He topped up the oil and…

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Wall Face.

The wind was cold off Wellington harbour. A southwester blew hard in your face, forced you to look the other way. I drove my hands deeper into pockets, scarf looped twice around my neck, tied off like pastry at one end. I could see half a head with a body reclining, one leg bent, the…

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I hear it before I see it. The rapid beating of wings cutting their way through the air, skirting the tops of the Tōtara trees as the bird approaches. The wood pigeon’s power and pace make me look up. It flies low, only meters above my head. I watch from underneath, wings outstretched, tail fan-like…

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The Virtuoso.

I’d been a fan of Jack White for awhile, long before I saw him playing with Meg at the Big Day Out, Mt Smart. Thanks to the benefits of corporate hospitality, I can’t say I was in the best shape for it. They were touring Get Behind Me Satan. By then, things had well and…

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A dark fantasy.

In 2010 I found myself living in Sydney having relocated there for work. Despite our best efforts, we ended up in Bondi. A cliche for most Kiwis, though we had put some time into surveying the region and just fell in love with the East coast. At the time we could only afford one car,…

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Content – They tell me its King.

Apparently it was Bill Gates back in ’96 that first said Content is King. The software that followed from Microsoft ensured that he was, well up until recently anyway. I’d argue that it’s more than that. These days it’s hard to say where content starts and finishes. It’s almost become The King, the Queen, their…

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Music – Collaboration or selling out?

I’ve spent the last few months learning to play guitar. My guitar is nothing flash. Nothing plugged in. Just an acoustic number I picked up as an after thought, prior to leaving Australia’s shores. After staring at it in the corner for the last few years, I decided to get things going. I’ve got a…

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Water – On it, under it or just to be near it.

I’ve always had a major battle with where I’ve wanted to live in life. Make no mistake, it’s always been New Zealand, despite having lived in a few different countries, though my dilemma has always been water or snow? I’ve been snow-boarding for quite a few years, love the white stuff, love Ruapehu, Queenstown, Wanaka…

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