Scott Butler was born in Blenheim, New Zealand. His love of books and film inspired him to write. He’s a fan of Psychological Thrillers, the surf and the snow. He lives in Auckland with his wife Lou, daughters Zambezi and Cocolily, and their dog, Taika.


Elias Dunn hates his life. At only 26, he’s the youngest Head of IT for Network 4 and appears to be doing okay. He’s not. He’s living at home with a bipolar mother who uses medication and alcohol to get by. Eli loses himself in fantasy and obsession, stalking targets and colleagues to cope. He blames himself for the death of his sister, cutting the guilt from his body as a boy before covering his mistakes in tattoos. Eli finds solace in The Ellipse, a virtual club accessed through a world he’s created where he becomes someone else. Ink, a black-suited avatar that trades the spoils of the film momentos he steals in the real world for crypto in another. Stalker follows one man’s feeling of loss and his need to reconcile the pain of wanting a future.


I’ve been having some fun with virtual worlds in my latest novel, Stalker. I’ve always been a fan of Tron and a good arcade game. I grew up in the 80’s and loved everything about it. This novel brings together a bit of nostalgia from those golden years and drops it comfortably beside something much darker. This story sits somewhere between Ready Player One and Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. I’m looking forward to getting it out there.