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There are days on Waihotahe Beach when the rain never stops falling. It hits the dark sand, which is sometimes the colour of caramel. Though not today. It looks brown and grey, like the rust on the pole that holds up our letterbox. The rain puts tiny dents in it. The sand, I mean. It…

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Johnny Boy

Johnny boy!’ cried Uncle Ray. His arms outstretched, pulling me in, body enveloping mine, his belt buckle close to bursting, holding nonetheless. He wore a purple shirt with an open neck. A large hei matau pounamu on his chest, buttons are straining against his stomach in their private battle to keep it covered. His grey…

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I inhale the night air, a deep draught fills my lungs. I hold it for as long as I can to savour its flavour, then ever so softly, let it leak out of me. Vapour forms then gradually dissipates in the air overhead. It tastes good up here. Not like the city with all of…

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Water Tank.

Jay looked across the dunes, past the sand tussock, the beach to the ocean in the distance. It was late summer and it had been a good one. A strong northerly was blowing today. It was against the tide, whitecaps littered the ocean from one end to the other. It was warm despite the wind….

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Space Opera.

Councilor Moria de Curson waited for the luxury pod to switch itself from horizontal to vertical. Her seat remained fixed as everything around her moved. She took the light-blue and gold headdress from the seat beside her, placed it on her head, then checked a mirrored door before exiting the pod. She watched it flip…

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The Inner Eye – A sneak peak of The Security (New Novel).

I like being still. Quiet. Just being present to the moment. It’s taken me years to learn this. I think of what it might have given me during the worst of those years. When there was no quiet, even in solitude. In there you were forced to listen. Not because you chose to, you had…

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Short Circuit.

-˜That’s it mate. Loop it through the arms, figure-eight n’ back again. Tie it off in a reef knot, yeah?’ -˜A what?’ -˜A fucking reef knot mate.’ Tom just stared at him through the holes in his balaclava. Jimmy shook his own covered head. -˜Never mind mate, I’ll sort it m’self. Jesus.’ He nudged him…

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The Lakehouse.

The lake is still tonight, pitch black. It’s the moons reflection and the stars above that make it visible. The haunting call of solitary loon echoes across the night sky as it drifts by leaving thin cuts on its surface. I’m perched in my favourite chair on a wooden deck above it. The chair’s a…

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Hank Symmons stood on the south side of Mount Maunganui watching runners, walkers, and hikers making their way around the circuit at its base. The sun was setting, though while everyone else had a bit of urgency to them, Hank stood still about twenty meters above the path. His back rested against a large chunk…

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The Diving Trip.

Sarah watched as Nick pulled on his fins from the side of the boat, pressed his mask to his face with his left hand, then fell easily back into the green Balinese waters off Ceningan Island. He smiled as he dropped in, though she could tell it was forced. Why wouldn’t it be? She thought…

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